The Laurie Normand Starr Award Committee is pleased to name this year's recipient of the Laurie Normand Starr Award, a remarkable individual who has made a lifetime commitment to use his skills to help make this world a better place to live.

He is Campbell Stuart, a partner in the law firm Colby Monet. As much as the practice of law has been a lifetime occupation, so has his practice of reaching out to support and assist communities in need at home and abroad.

Sharing skills with communities is not a talent possessed by everyone, but it's a talent possessed in abundance by Campbell Stuart. He has fought tirelessly to right many wrongs and to apply his negotiating experience and legal expertise on behalf of those in need.

Before practicing law Campbell worked on community development projects here in Quebec and in Uganda. In the two years he lived in Uganda he was responsible for the construction of a medical clinic, an elementary school, and an agricultural centre on an island in Lake Victoria. These community development projects were much needed and on completion became owned and operated by the islanders.

After being admitted to the Bar, Campbell focused on Montreal, seeking social issues and situations in which he could actively assist Montrealers by providing, pro bono, solid legal advice and representation. His involvement led him to run successfully for Mayor of Montreal West at a time when the town faced numerous issues that needed his particular legal expertise and civic experience. Throughout his term in government he passionately represented his citizens' rights.

When a developer obtained the right to have the Meadowbrook Golf Club property rezoned in order to build 6000 new residences, Campbell rallied the troops. The ecological integrity of the land was at risk and the indigenous wildlife would have to be relocated. After a long struggle Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre and Borough Mayor Russell Copeman zoned the property recreational and accessible to all.

He assisted The Little Red Playhouse in Montreal West, a school for autistic children, when for no discernible reason it was ordered closed by the Protestant school board. After hundreds of hours and multiple court appearances the school is still in existence today.

He has been involved in and sits on the board of L’abri en ville, a community organization that provides lodging for men and women dealing with mental illness.

He also works with Santropol Roulant, an organization that uses food to create community and overcome social isolation.

His latest involvement, The Legacy Project, is a charity dedicated to raising funds for legal definitions of the environment.

Sharyn Scott, last year's LNS award recipient, related that at one point she told Campbell to put more focus on his billable hours; he is a man who cannot say “no” to a cause that needs assistance.

He has devoted a great part of his life to helping people and communities become stronger and happier. His unconditional sharing of expertise, enormous energy and boundless enthusiasm epitomizes the spirit that animates volunteer work wherever it is found. The Laurie Normand Starr Award Committee is proud to present the Laurie Normand Starr Award for 2017 to Campbell Stuart.